Also a memorable mention of a whooping crane (sorry, not Sandhill, but perhaps relevant) in “The Enchanted Bluff”: “Suddenly we heard a scream above our fire, and jumped up to see a dark, slim bird floating southward far above us—a whooping crane, we knew by her cry and her long neck. We ran to the edge of the island, hoping we might see her alight, but she wavered southward along the rivercourse until we lost her.”


Steve Shively


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Having been on a Cather-sandhill Cranes trip on Friday, I think I can say with authority that Ivar in O Pioneers is describing migrating cranes when he talks about his pond and specifically mentions cranes. A Rowe Sanctuary guide who heard that description read aloud said it was definitely on point for crane behavior, and sandhill cranes were the obvious species.




Melissa Homestead


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A question from a friend: “Did Cather ever write about Sand Hill Cranes”? I can think of ducks, but not cranes.


Do tell. Thanks.



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