Hey, that's "Mr Spreadsheet Rogoff"--who's never met a data series that he couldn't misinterpret, and author of the most god-awful-purported-to-be-history book ever written.

I'll have a short response in The Hill within the next couple of days. To him, Larry dump toxic waste in developing countries Summers, Paul Mr ILSM Krugman and Chair Powell. 

Also if you have not read the masterful take-down of the Neoliberal Left, see Bill Mitchell's response to Jerry Epstein's embarrassing critique of MMT over at BillyBlog.

And my response to the Marxist Neoliberal Doug Henwood, at New Economic Perspectives

And Stephanie Kelton's running take-down of Paul Krugman on Bloomberg.

They are all coming out of woodwork to attack MMT and push the neolib agenda.

And to counter our "leftist" neolib friends who want to keep Latin American underdeveloped, take a look at this endorsement by former head of Brazil's central bank (and I'm told one of the richest people in Brazil"):
O arcabouço que sustenta as políticas macroeconômicas está prestes a ruir
Paul McCulley also had a nice endorsement.

We live in exciting times. The insular left and all of mainstream is running scared. They've been exposed. They've got no clothes.

Thank you AOC. She is unique. She is changing the world. You all are lucky to be alive right now at this moment.

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