Unto the Chivalry, Huscarls, Fyrdmen, and Men at Arms of the Kingdom of
Calontir, and unto those who inspire them to deeds of greatness,
Greetings, from Donngal, Fourth of that name, King of Calontir, and
Catalina, Fierce Queen of the Heartlands.

The deadline grows close for submitting letters of intent to contend to
become our heirs. Before that deadline passes, please consider our words:

Different Kingdoms have developed different traditions surrounding Crown

...Some Kingdoms allow anyone from the Known World to enter, whist others
have held that only the Chivalry may enter without an express invitation
from the Crown. Our Kingdom Laws reflect a desire, borne from our first
days as a Kingdom, that nobody, Crown or common, should be able to
influence the outcome, outside of the will of the combatants themselves,
and our long-held tradition which states that you shouldn't enter crown
unless you're there to win it; a pushback against the notion that crown is
a good place to be seen by the chivalry.

We were reminded, today, by a good friend's post from a far Kingdom, that
every fighter in the list lends their renown to the eventual victor.

To that end, we ask each of you, fighter and consort, to search your
hearts, and if you are ABLE to serve as Crown (as opposed to actively
wanting it), then we beseech you, take up pen, then sword, and bring your
renown to add to the glory of our eventual heirs, and to the history of our
great Kingdom.

In Love and Service to the Crown & Kingdom
]|)onngal & Catalina

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