Good gentles all,

     Though it seems distant, before we know it the next Crown Tournament
will be upon us.  On April 13, in the Barony of Three Rivers, we shall
determine the rightful Heirs to the Falcon Throne.  In order to make the
coming tournament progress smoothly, we will need tournament heralds.  As
Battleur Herald, I am putting out an early call to all heralds who are
willing and able to join us.  Please, lend your voices, that our
combatants, their consorts, and the Calon populace may be properly informed
at tournament time.

     In addition, I would humbly request a favor of all Crown Combatants
and Consorts.  If you would be so kind as to send the preferred phonetic
pronunciation of your names to [log in to unmask], then I can create a
list for my heraldic helpers - and hopefully avoid any mispronunciations.
Thank you kindly for your time.

Ever in service,
Battleur Herald

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