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Image from Huntington Library Ms HM 60, f°7, 15th C.

Written this 15th day of March, AS LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era

My Dear Vashti,

The war’s end draws nigh and the encampments begin to pack up and turn their wains and wagons toward their homelands. Long faretheewells and pledges to visit echo from tent to tent. Many an elbow shall be bent this night and many headaches in the morn.

The ephemeral merchants and smiths and taverns so recently sprung, swiftly fade into memory as they move on to more lucrative possibilities. Many of our countryfolk have been glad for the opportunity to obtain the exotic goods available from the trade caravans. Admittedly, I too found the temptation too great, and procured fabrics and silks for gifts and clothing and weaving and embroidery.

I have heard it told that this day, the Ides of March, bodes ill, I say nay, tis not! For the mention of the Calontir Army forever more strikes fear in the hearts of every foe! So well did our warriors fight that all from mighty King to common soldier received salutes from every quarter. Truely a wonder to behold.

Your Cian fought well, and remains unscathed from this southern war. He shall soon return to you, rest assured.

Rumor has reached my ears Calontir’s northern borders flood in the spring thaws. My own estates have been surrounded. I trust afore I draw nigh, the waters recede and the passages clear.

Good fortune smiles upon me, as many good gentles along my way are known to me. I shall have good company and warm lodgings should the way remain blocked and my return delayed.
Therefore, upon the morrow, I shall finish packing my own wagon and set out north for my own estates.

I pray the time is not over long before our paths cross once more and we may sit side by side and visit again.

As ever, I remain your friend,


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