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Fight in Spring 2019 Crown Tournament


Bavarian engraving of a medieval tournament from the 1400s. Public domain
in the US

Unto the Kingdom of Calontir, come these words from Donngal
<> IV and Catalina

The time has come to seek Our Heirs. We are anxious for Crown Tournament
<>, it is very
important to us that the future of Calontir is secure in competent hands.

Bring Your house banners, Wear Your most splendid attire, prove to the
Kingdom that you are the Right and True Heir to the Throne of Calontir.

Letters of Intent to fight in Crown Tournament are due March 30, 2019 at
11:59pm. Show your compliance with the requirements set forth in Kingdom
Law and Corpora.

Combatants and Consorts may fill out a joint Letter of Intent via the
following form: Kingdom of Calontir Spring 2019 Crown Tournament Letter of
Intent Form –

Combatants and Consorts may also send an email containing their Letter of
Intent to [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask], instead.
Either type of submission will be accepted.

Please also include copies of your membership proof, identification, and a
photo of the combatant and consort together. Also, fill out the Model
Release Form (, for both parties, as
*]|)onngal le roi st Catalina la reine*
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