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Image from Huntington Library Ms HM 60, f°7, 15th C.

Written this 8th day of March, AS LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era
My Dear Tola <>,
My journey south continues. As you know, husband and I packed the wagon
when King Donngal <>
and Queen Catalina
<> called Calontir
to arms.
As we trekked south, though still cold, the green of the meadows and the
early spring flowers made my heart glad. I know how the snows fly still in
our homelands.
We saw many towns and villages along our route. With the air so chill, we
took advantage of the inns along the way. We have stayed but one night in
our wagon.
We tarried a few days in the new city of Orleans. I heard once the Count of
Provence, Charles Anjou, mention the days before the eve of meat fast “the
joyous days of carnival.” Indeed!
The last of the winter stores were heaped upon plates. The music and
dancing spilled from the halls onto the streets. The good gentlefolk wore
masks while men wore dresses and women wore trousers! Many exchanged
trinkets and beads for a glimpse at what normally remains hidden! All in
joyous celebration before our fourty day fast. Husband and I enjoyed the
revelry knowing the toils of the battles ahead.
Then, alas, he departed for home. We knew at the onset of our journey he
could not be gone over long from our estates. We left our landholding in
capable hands, he had kibbled the grain for the livestock and fowl, he had
laid in a stock of wood for the fires. Nonetheless, his mind is not easy
when away from his own demesne.
So this very morn we said our farewells. He turned his way toward the
north. Dare I say, he will fairly fly o’re the lands in his eagerness to
see his home. And I, in my turn, will veer now towards the battles which
lay ahead.
Your presence shall be missed, as I know well the responsibilities which
keep you in your own shire. I shall lift a glass in your direction and
drink to your continued good health.
Please do give Elspeth
<> my warmest
regards. And I pray that soon we shall bend the elbow together.
Ever I remain your friend,
Nesscia <>
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