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Image from Huntington Library Ms HM 60, f°7, 15th C.

Written this 12th day of March, AS LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era

My Dear Solveig <>,

Your note arrived yester noontide. Thank you kindly for thinking of me.

I did see your new husband, Ivar
<>, in the morning, he is indeed
well and free of pestilence. Fear not for his well being, for he remains a
great fighter and his stalwart companions of the sword unite together when
battle comes.

King Donngal and Queen Catalina arrived on site after the blackguards
waylaid Them on the long road south. Yester morn the Calon Host followed
Them onto the field, where They gathered the populace for brief tidings.
They spoke of Their deep gratitude to Calontir for providing for Them since
Their trials of the road. The host cheered! for our Royals are safe once

Then Master Gawin
<> arose and
spoke of one of august talent and service, begging the boon for Master Alan
<> to be
awarded the Master of Defense! Great tidings!

Upon completion of court, Brian MacDougall
<> hosted a
cut & thrust tournament for all the assembled warriors. Such prowess and
skill with the blade!

With the armies gathering and the nobility palavering of peace or war, the
soldiers grow restless. Tournaments help sharpen skills and keep combatants
from mischief.

While the armies prepare, the non fighters who have gathered also make
ready. As well, a transient hamlet of canvas pavilions has sprung up of
chapmen and peddlers and blacksmiths and inns. The common folk teach their
trade and ply their wares. Fabrics and bijoux and tarts and bumpers and
armor and weapons and all manner of niceties and fandangles are available
for a price.

During our fleeting moments of leisure, oft times I wander the encampments
with one or another of our countryfolk. Forsooth, seeing the vast array of
gathered folks and learning new skills and tasting foriegn foods continues
as a great entertainment to us.

At the time of returning to my wagon yester eve my weary old bones sought
the comfort of my bedding. Upon waking, I lit a lantern and remained inside
as to pen this missive.

Ah! I see the dawn breaking on the horizon, and harken the birdsong of the
morn. I have tarried overlong thinking of our visits. I must needs put
aside pen and parchment and begin my day.

I pray this missive finds you well, I shall send it off with one of the
supply trains returning north. I look forward to when again we meet and I
can look upon your fair countenance.

Until that time, I remain your friend,
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