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Letters From Home:

To the most knowledgeable Mistress Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh
<> does
your humble friend Cristina
<> send greetings
and glad tidings of spring from the lands of the Lonely Tower.

Dear friend what strange times are these. My dearest hope is that this
missive finds you ere you arrive home–thusly lessening the shock that may
wrack your being.

Not a fortnight ago, upon your leaving our fair lands, did a winter storm
take hold and coat all far and wide in a thick blanket of snow and ice.
Winds so cold as to cause the flesh of my hands to whiten within moments
dare I venture out of doors without gloves. Grateful we were for solid
walls and a strong hearth.

But, just the other night, I swore I heard rain pouring down from the
heavens. And lo, when I awoke, the sun was shining!

Mysterious movements of wind, rain, and sun are not why I write to you
though, precious friend. Today, the snow melted from my pottage field.
Truth, I mislead you not. If I were to see my precious herbals springing
forth from the earth within the week I would no longer feel surprise.

Spring, oh that long lost pleasure! Do not doubt that green will be your
fields upon your return. Look not for the snowy hills and icy peaks for
they will shortly have vanished. Seek instead the sprouting knolls and
flowering meadows of a new season.

Forthwith I will be planting the beans and other pulses, greens for
glorious salates, and some of the new plants discovered on our mutual
journeys. To see the small leaves of seedlings does give me hope. Surely
your kind husband will be sowing the fields soon as well–spring mud

Fairer still, I have convinced my good husband to sacrifice a small part of
the field to a new pond. My fervent hope is to lure the toads and birds in
close to remove those horrid vermin that have wreaked such havoc on my
garden previously. You remember them, I trust, those bilious green spotted
beasties especially. A few fish found from a nearby stream will aid in
averting nasty biting insects too, I dream. What fun it will be!

Mayhap we can sit in the sun soon and share stories of travels and friends.
So missed you have been over this long, cold season. Your infectious laugh
and smiling countenance are longed for overmuch. Be safe on the roads home
to us.

Til next we meet, I will remain your stalwart friend.
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