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Image from Huntington Library Ms HM 60, f°7, 15th C.

Dated this second day of March
Anno Societatus LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era

Dearest Kezia <>,

As you know, Our Most Royal Majesties Calontir travel to aid Their Southern
Cousins in a fearsome campaign. They have called the populace to Them to
lend support in Their time of need.

Eager to do my duty to Crown and Kingdom, I gathered supplies and packed my
wagon. My good husband and I knew our estates were secure in the capable
charge of the lead herdsman and manor caretaker and we prepared for our
leave taking.

Though snow covered the hills and our breath billowed, the sun shone on the
day of our departure. The horses pulled the wagon through the drifts to the
main road and we made our way towards the south and east. At eventide, we
found ourselves in the Shire of Standing Stones, and stayed at a small inn
there. Though the wagon is comfortable, the air held the chill and we
preferred the warmth of the inn.

Upon rising, heavily laden clouds stretched horizon to horizon. As we drove
through the lands of Three Rivers, falling ice soon coated all we could
see. I dare say, it reminded me of the sugar glaze cook drizzels on the
sweet breads.

My dereling husband asked me to drive, as he tends to drive the horses too
hard and we wanted to stay the course without incident. I am ever grateful
for the shelter the enclosed wagon affords us.

The weather improved as our homelands fell behind and we came at last into
the Kingdom of Meridies.

We arrived eventually to the lands near the Ville of Nash. There we sought
succor from longtime friends. Once safe upon their estates, the men
assessed the repairs needed to the wagon and worked vigilantly to ensure
all was well before we went further towards the conflicts in the south.

At last we bid farewell, and started on our way again. We made a brief stop
to purchase needed supplies, when fortune’s goddess brought to us other
friends, Annalies
<> and Gavan
<>. We broke our fast with them,
and though time was short, seeing her lovely countenance warmed my heart.

Upon our farewells, we again turned our wagon south.

The rumors of war reach us on our travels, and we are anxious to do what we
can to lend aid. The conflict is yet some distance, and this night we found
a red roofed inn within the boundaries of a small village in the Kingdom of
Gleann Abhann.

I know how your heart longs to travel south with our countrymen and women.
There are those who needs must assist those who stay behind and prepare the
fibers and stitch the cloth. I, for my part, appreciate all you do in the
staying. And I set pen to parchment to ease your mind from worry as to my

When morning comes, I will find a carrier to bring you this missive
soonest. I pray this finds you and your good husband well and warm and
secure in your estates.

Ever your friend,
Nesscia <>
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