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Letter from Gulf War
Written this 14th day of March, AS LIII
Being 2019 of the Common Era

My dearest friend, Cristina

Ever do you bring light to my heart! Your most welcome missive was
delivered to my hand and I read it under the stars by lamp light. By the
end of the reading my eyes were wet. From your words or the smoke of the
lamp, I know not which.

The movements of rain and wind and snow are a mystery, are they not? By
your words to me they indeed remain beyond my ken. Yet truly does my heart
gladden to hear the spring planting is anon.

The pottage and salates and tasty bits from your kitchens ever fill me with
warmth and delight!

A recent missive from my good husband informed of the trials of the recent
storms. The cellars have flooded and the roads have become impassable. Your
news brings hope that his exertion and travails will be fruitful.

The conflict here in these southern lands continue. Our fighters and
archers and all our kith and kin represent our kingdom well. Their chivalry
and behavior and consideration of others continue unparalleled amongst the
people of the known world.

Daily, my skill with needle and thread are put to use mending tunics or
sewing bandages. Alas, my cooking skills are limited to fire starting and
tending, though more oft than not, is enough to buy my dinner.

Well aware am I of your concern for my well being when I journey on
campaign and you do not. Worry not for me, as I have been welcome in every
camp and gathering. Kind Baroness Sung
<> and Baron Uldin
<> of Vatavia
<> especially bring
me in and assure I eat with others rather than alone in my wagon.

I miss you, my friend. My heart is set, when I return to our own lands,
upon sitting in your gardens near your new pond, in the sunshine, sharing
tales of our adventures and bending the elbow together.

Until that time,
Nesscia <>
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