For those who are not swinging a stick at Herdmaster, we invite you to participate in an A & S Grab Bag.  Not a competition, just a fun way to spend an afternoon.  No documentation required.  Some of you might remember the A & S Smack Down we did several years ago.  This is a re-boot of that idea.

Here’s how it works:

Look through your scraps of old projects, your new projects that you might not have gotten to yet, and any other bits and pieces you have around the house and make a project bag (or two).  Put the project items in a brown paper bag.  If you wish, include instructions of what could be made with the items.  Bring the bag to Herdmaster and put it in a pile.  Grab a different brown bag and …Surprise! You have a new project to work on during the event (and after).

Please include tools and materials to use for the project.  BE SURE TO MARK YOUR TOOLS SO THEY CAN BE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE EVENT!! 

When you select your brown bag, you can do the suggested project or just use your imagination and make whatever you can from the materials.  You don’t have to finish the project at the event, but PLEASE BE SURE TO RETURN ANY TOOLS TO THE PERSON WHO SUPPLIED THE BAG!!!

Even if you don’t bring a bag, there will be extras, so feel free to join in!  If you have questions, contact Natalya.  Remember, everything’s better with Arts & Sciences!

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