HI All: I must have accidentally clicked on something.  I was painting with a brush with a selected foreground color. Suddenly all these charts, etc popped up on the screen concerning Wacom features, etc. I might have activated something with resting my hand on the wacom tablet. 

Now. I have reset the default color, to black foreground and white background.  If I select a new foreground color, it will paint that color until it crosses over a previously painted color, then it changes color to white.  I tired changing foreground  colors and it's white where it overpaints any previous paint on that layer.

I have clicked something.   I've looked at the knowledgebase, but must not be asking the right questions.

Any ideas?
Many thanks
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615


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