Hi All,

I have been trying to load images to the Science-Art site and have got image quality down to zero (!), and am “exporting" to web (no option to “save" for web) at the lowest possible quality also, and a very poor-looking 108 X 108 pixel image STILL comes up at 45 kb. 
I have never had this problem before…..
How the heck can I get it down to 8 kb? 
The larger images have the same problem but there are kind of more options as you can always just reduce the overall image size (which is not my preference…. Can’t hardly make a 108 X 108 pixel image smaller…).
There is no metadata or file info. I have tried a number of images. Don’t know what I am doing wrong!
I have already run through all the suggestions in the tutorial on the site.


Barbara Harmon


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