I don’t really notice any difference. The color picker works as it always has - for me, at least. Am I missing something?

I think new versions ought to come out every 2 years not every year, not every year. I assume this is because it is a subscription service, it’s a marketing decision to release new versions annually. And because there is the pressure to release a new version each year, Adobe has to come up with new features. For example, do we really need 10 ways to zoom in to a document? 3 or 4 is plenty. They seem to have built a great deal of redundancy into the programs. The Properties panel is something I’m getting used to, and I can see the logic but it, too, is redundant. 

Ways to zoom in:
Zoom tool in the Tools panel
View menu - zoom in, zoom out, fit on screen, 100%, 200%, Print Size
Short cut - Command+ to zoom in, Command- to zoom out
Spacebar+Command to zoom in, Spacebar+Command+Option to zoom out
Use the status bar (the little bar at the lower left of the document window - type in the % of magnification desired
Scrubby zoom - hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right to zoom in, left to zoom out
With the Zoom tool selected, you can also choose from the Control panel - 100%, Fit Screen, Fill Screen
You can also zoom using the Navigator panel
OK, so that’s 8 ways, not 10. But you get my point.

I will say, I like the Puppet Warp feature - both in Photoshop and Illustrator.

If you could be more specific about your difficulties, perhaps I can help. Otherwise, call me if you want and we can talk more.


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> Hi-  Is anyone else annoyed with the new color picker in the latest version of Photoshop [2019 CC]?  I am finding it much more difficult to move around the square, or use the slider and find the color I want. So far I don't see the improvement at all. Am I missing something?
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