Hi Taina,

Thanks for all the information you've been sending on this. I finally went
ahead and signed up. I'm curious to see what comes of it! It would be great
if it worked out.

I hope you're doing well!


Nicolle Fuller
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On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 9:12 AM Taina Litwak <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi gang -  Here is the web site:
> Just got off the phone with one of the ASCRL Board members.  I think some
> of you have already signed up, but they have extended the deadline for the
> registration for the first $$$ distribution.  It looks like the first check
> will be several hundred dollars and there should be a few more
> distributions over the next year, and more into the future.  I really think
> its worth doing.  We work so hard and society rewards us so modestly. To
> review the details:
> Where the money comes from:  There are collecting societies located in
> many countries, sometimes called collective management organizations
> (CMOs), or Reprographic Rights Organizations (RROs. These foreign
> collecting societies (seems to be several per country as some deal with
> music, some, film, some fine art, etc. get funds because various foreign
> laws require that the foreign CMOs and RROs be paid for certain uses of
> visual work that occur in the countries where the CMOs or RROs are
> located.  The payments are typically required where use of visual work is
> legally permitted by the foreign country without an individual author's
> consent or is legally permitted without an individual author's license.
> Some payments also come from taxes, levies, or fees on machines or
> equipment or other media that is used for copying in order to compensate
> rights owners.
> ASCRL, a 501(c)(6) not for profit society, incorporated in 2015.  The
> foreign CMOs and RROs have been seeking assurence that the United States
> visual work copyright/or original creative rights owner in the United
> States receive fair treatment under their foreign laws concerning the
> reprographic funds they are collecting.  In some of these countries, no
> matter what rights the creative signed away, it is law that the "author"
> owned the rights forever.  Very different from US laws.  GAG and ASIP
> (which a bunch of us joined back in 2007 when they formed) have been
> talking about this for MANY years.
> The core people who founded ASCRL decided that the best way to get the
> royalty $ from Europe and distribute it to individuals was to build a
> platform/system for it.  They/ASCRL received funding ($200,000) from two of
> the European RRO's to build the platform.  Quite a vote of confidence I
> think.  ASCRL's platform/system took several years to develop, and is
> finally ready.
> Rights owners (and this means all of us as the creators, even if we have
> sold away our copyrights in the US) join ASCRL and become eligible to
> receive the reprographic funds.  This should work out to be a small but
> continuous income stream for all of us.   Right now, ASCRL has $316,742 to
> distribute to American Illustrators, and more coming under already signed
> agreements.  THAT'S a lot of $$$$.  It's being set up to distribute the
> $300,000 to illustrators over the next 18 months as 3 separate "claims".
> Once you join, you also sign onto as many claims as are open that you
> qualify for (some will be for photography only). So each of us will be
> eligible to sign on for all 3 claims on this first pool of $.
> Sign up on the web site.  You give them bank info when you register and
> money is transfered to your account in an ACH payment (bank to bank). This
> Feb. 28th is the deadline for the first distribution.  The first payments
> will go out to us c. end of March. I am anxious to see how well this
> works.  The more of us who sign up the better it will be.  The number of
> illustrators who are signed up and making claims on this first pool is low.
> The distributions will use a formula based on the number of illustrations
> published and the number of incidences of publication.  What you put down
> is currently on the honor system, but it is subject to audit by ASCRL, so
> having the list ready is important.  For us with big numbers, this is
> daunting.  For this month, do a rough estimate.  But very soon be prepared
> to make a list with solid numbers (so titles and ISBN numbers and number of
> illustrations).
> The faster ASCRL's membership grows, the more foreign RR Societies will
> release money to them to disburse to us.  One German society has over $1
> million collected for U.S. illustrators and it is waiting to see if ASCRL's
> new system works to release that money to them.  Let me know if you join.
> I'll be polling people in April to see if you are happy with how the first
> distribution worked.
> If you have more questions, please call me.  Cell: 240-750-9245.
> Taina
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