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All, I have a problem in need of a solution. Part of my job is doing lots
of field experiments across the 17 western U.S. states containing rangeland
habitats. These experiments involve gathering up large numbers of
grasshoppers and Mormon crickets, and setting them up in cages. Currently,
our Team collects these orthopterans by hand/net, which can be quite
difficult and time-consuming, something I'm sure many of you can relate to.

Does a vacuum system exist that would make collecting these orthopterans
easier and faster? I'm familiar with various backpack units that resemble
noisy leaf blowers and I'm potentially willing to try those, but I'd much
rather have something with the following specs (if it exists):

-variable speed in order to avoid killing specimens
-variable wand length
-different wand attachments for variable habitat
-includes a clear catching container on the side/front, so you can see what
you're collecting - swappable units would be fantastic!
-battery-powered or at least adapted for cigarette lighter in vehicles
-relatively quiet (i.e., quieter than a leaf blower)

At last year's Entomological Society of America conference, I ran into a
company in the exhibit hall that seemed promising, but none of their vacuum
systems meet all of my preferred specs. If none of you have any better
ideas I may go ahead and acquire one from this company and just modify it

Thank you very much!

*Derek A. Woller*, Ph.D.

USDA Supervisory Entomologist, Rangeland Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket
Management Team

Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.

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