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Great discussion here! 

Per Andy's questions, here are some answers from my recent experience working with USFW Inspector: 

4. Enter the closest Designated Port of Clearance, which you can find here: You'll also list USPS as the carrier (in section #7).

10. Enter the location it is being shipped to (university/collection address, etc.). 

You don't have to wait for the 3-177 eDec to be cleared to mail the specimens either, since you have 180 days after exportation to file with the appropriate Regional Director (who would be assigned it to a local port of entry) or you can just find the closest port of entry to file under (see #4 above). 
I hope this is helpful! If you have further questions, please let me know. 



Shelby K. Kilpatrick 
Ph.D. Student
López-Uribe & Hines Labs
Department of Entomology
Pennsylvania State University

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Hi all,

The timing of these questions is perfect. I need to ship loans back to collections in Mexico, South Africa, and to Europe. These are the two questions that stump me, although there is probably an easy answer -

  4. Enter the appropriate 2-letter Port code from the list below. [If I USPS how do I find out where the package exports from?]

  10. Enter the customs bonded physical location where the shipment is available for inspection [Our museum? The campus post office?]

The rest of the form makes sense to me. I file edecs and wait for clearance, then ship? Thanks for any help!