Sonic Makers’ Fayre 2019: “Making things to make sound to make music”
23 June 2019 | Music Department | University of Leeds, UK

Calling all DIY instrument-makers, circuit benders, sound sculpture-ists, and other interested parties! We are bringing together people who build and make ‘things that make sound sound that make music’ in non-traditional ways. Anything that makes or transforms sound in curious ways is welcome here, it might be traditional instruments modified in novel ways, or machines of any degree of hi/low-fi that use analogue/digital/electricity/wind/steam/etc to make and explore their noise.

Bring your things along! You’ll be given a small stall/space to informally display your things and given time to wander around the stalls of others. In addition to your sonic sojourning, the day’s programme will include discussion sessions, mini-concerts and installed sound-makers.This is a chance to meet, demo, and problem-solve with other like-minded artists interested in making physical things as part of their practice. This is an informal event with time to wander and chat freely as well as some opportunities for performances, installations and public presentations.

This a "no-fee/no-tea" event (We’ll give you space, but you’ll need to feed and water yourselves!). This is an open event, all that is required to participate and attend is to register via the link below.


Event Organisers: Scott McLaughlin , University of Leeds  (s.mclaughlin - at- and Matthew Sergeant  Bath Spa University  (m.sergeant - at The Sonic Makers' Fayre 2019 is affiliated to the RMA Sonic Makers' Research Group and the Sonic Materialities Lab at Bath Spa University.

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