Music Perception  Vol. 36 No. 4, April 2019  

Distortion and Rock Guitar Harmony: The Influence of Distortion Level and Structural Complexity on Acoustic Features and Perceived Pleasantness of Guitar Chords
Jan-Peter Herbst

Anticipatory Syncopation in Rock: A Corpus Study
Ivan Tan, Ethan Lustig, David Temperley

Peak Experiences with Electronic Dance MusicSubjective Experiences, Physiological Responses, and Musical Characteristics of the Break Routine
Ragnhild Torvanger Solberg, Nicola Dibben

Empathy, Entrainment, and Perceived Interaction in Complex Dyadic Dance Movement
Emily Carlson, Birgitta Burger, Petri Toiviainen

Tone Profiles of Isolated Musical Chords: Psychoacoustic Versus Cognitive Models
Richard Parncutt, Sabrina Sattmann, Andreas Gaich, Annemarie Seither-Preisler

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