College Music Symposium Volume 59, No. 1

General Editor’s Preface

Lisa A. Urkevich


Recruitment and Retention in the Applied Music Studio: A Critical
Examination of Curricular and Institutional Demands
Dwight Manning, David Feurzeig, Donald George, Maura Glennon, Patrick
Hoffman, Mihai Tetel

Concept-Based Pedagogy and its Application in the Private Clarinet Studio
Vanessa Davis

First Time Music Creators: A Glimpse Into High School Students’ Reactions
to Creating Music
Barbara Freedman and Elaine Reeder

Analysis of Pieza Para Violín Solo and Trio Conversations by Colombian
Composer Juan Antonio Cuéllar
Catalina Barraza-Gerardino

Carissimi’s Jephte and Jesuit Spirituality
Alice V. Clark


“A Single Little Bit of Beauty”: Profound Words on Practice and Life from
Andrew Adams

A Call for Character Development in Music Education
Jared B. Critchfield II

The Schoolification of Popular Music
Radio Cremata

Greatness, Genius, and Learning in Music
Daniel Guberman

Preparing Music Theory Students for the Big Exam: Strategies for Building
Learning-Centered Study Guides
Sabrina Clarke

Book Reviews

Music Performance Issues: 1600-1900, by Beverly Jerold
Michele Paynter Paise

Curtain, Gong, Steam: Wagnerian Technologies of Nineteenth-Century Opera,
by Gundula Kreuzer
Micaela Baranello

Claude Debussy’s Clair de lune, by Gurminder Kaur Bhogal
Mark DeVoto

Technology and Online Resource Reviews

Soundtrap: A Browser-Based Digital Audio Workstation
Gena R. Greher

Four Unique Handheld Gesture-Based MIDI Controllers: OWOW’s MIDIS 2.0 (Wob,
Wiggle, Drum, and Scan)
Charles Paul Menoche

Seaquence: Music Composition through Play and Virtual Biology
Nathan Fleshner

Performance, Lectures, Lecture-Recital Reviews and Transcripts

Transforming Postwar East Germany through Song: Paul Dessau’s Lieder
composed for Lin Jaldati, Lecture-Recital by Michael Hix, Baritone
John Nix

Audio Performance Reviews

Prefab Sprout [band], I Trawl the Megahertz
Jason Hoogerhyde

Corey Christiansen, Dusk
Scott Belck


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