Music & Politics is delighted to announce the publication of its Winter 2019 issue, featuring the following articles and colloquy:

Women’s March Colloquy: This Is What Democracy Sounds Like: Sound, Music, and Performance at the Women’s March and Beyond

"Introduction: At Risk of Repetition," by Benjamin Tausig

"Listening for Dissensus," by Maria Sonevytsky

"On Sirens and Lamp Posts: Sound, Space, and Affective Politics," by Shayna Silverstein

"The Long Weekend: Exclusion, Intrusion, Trolls, and Punks," by Benjamin Harbert

"Chants of the Resistance: Flow, Memory, and Inclusivity,” by Noriko Manabe

“Representing a Christian Nation: Sacred and Providential Discourses in Opera in the United States, 1911-1917,” by Aaron Ziegel

“Discrepant Kisses: The Reception and Remediation of North Korean Children’s Performances Circulated on Social Media,” by Donna Lee Kwon

“Musical Expertise and the ‘Ordinary’ Listener in Federal Copyright Law,” by Katherine M. Leo


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