There are two remaining openings for participants in the up-coming Methods
in Empirical Music Research: A Workshop for Music Scholars.

Tuesday May 14 to Friday May 17, 2019.

School of Music, Ohio State University


This is an intensive four-day workshop is taught by Profs. David Huron and
Daniel Shanahan.

The workshop will be of interest to anyone wishing to expand or enhance
their research skills in music. Participants will learn how to design and
carry out music experiments, and how to apply empirical, systematic and
statistical techniques to music-related problems. The workshop is designed
specifically to develop practical research skills for musicians and music
scholars with little or no previous background in empirical methods.

In this workshop participants are introduced to descriptive, exploratory,
and questionnaire methods, field research including interview techniques,
correlational and experimental methods, research design & introductory
statistics, and theory formation and hypothesis testing.

The methods and tools learned by participants will be applicable to most
areas of music scholarship, including performance research, music history,
music analysis, theory, music psychology, education, semiotics, music
sociology & anthropology, cultural policy, and other areas.

The fee for participation is $485. Participants are responsible for their
own transporation, food and accommodation.

For further details, see

For additional information regarding registration and organizational
matters, contact Nicholas Shea (shea.185 -at-


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