CFP: 10th UFRJ International Symposium on Musicology, Rio de Janeiro, Aug 2019



 “SIM-UFRJ Celebrates Its 10 Years”

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 12–16, 2019


*Deadline for proposals: June 02, 2019*


The School of Music and the Graduate Studies Program announce the X International Symposium on Musicology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, to be held from August 12 to 16, 2019, and welcome the submission of proposals. In order to shelter the diverse currents of musical research of the present time, it will be open to a wide range of themes and approaches, and still suggests the following topics:

Ÿ   issues and tendencies of Ibero-Afro-American musicologies

Ÿ   the area of music and the challenges of intra-, inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinarity

Ÿ   cultural dialogues, circulation, transfer and appropriation of ideas, ideologies, repertoires, aesthetics, styles, techniques and musical practices

Ÿ   musicologies and analytical theories: dialogues, frontiers and intersections

Ÿ   creation and musical performance

Ÿ   pedagogy of music

Ÿ   music and identity

Ÿ   reception studies

Ÿ   intertextuality studies

Ÿ   newspapers and musical criticism

Ÿ   heritage and achives

Ÿ  institutional, scientific, artistic and cultural policies

Ÿ  cultural management and production


Proposals must be sent to the e-mail sim -at-, and may be presented in one of the following modes:

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Contact: volpe- at- 

Maria Alice Volpe, Chair


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