CFP (articles): Cuadernos de Análisis y Debate sobre Músicas Latinoamericanas Contemporáneas


Cuadernos de Análisis y Debate sobre Músicas Latinoamericanas Contemporáneas Nº 2 (2019) – Call for submissions


Cuadernos de Análisis y Debate sobre Músicas Latinoamericanas Contemporáneas calls for papers that embrace all musical and musicological areas, including history, analysis, aesthetics, performance, science and technology, organology, among other topics.

The submissions should be related with the very purpose of the publication: the different aspects of contemporary Latin American music, and should be original and unpublished. Only texts written in Spanish and Portuguese will be accepted and only one submission per applicant is permitted.


Cuadernos de Análisis y Debate sobre Músicas Latinoamericanas Contemporáneas is an annual journal co-edited by the following institutions: the National Institute of Musicology “Carlos Vega” – Secretary of Culture, Argentina; the Catholic University of Argentina - Faculty of Arts and Musical Sciences - Institute for Musicological Research “Carlos Vega”; the National University of Quilmes City - School of Arts; and the National University of Cuyo - Faculty of Arts and Design.

Cuadernos... is an electronic publication, therefore the authors are encouraged to use all available resources such as hypermedia links; images, video, sound tracks, etc.


In order to be included in the 2019 publication, submissions will be received until Thursday 1st of August 2019.


The Style Guide can be found on the journal’s website:

Submissions should be sent to: musicascontemporaneas -at-

Subject: Convocatoria – Cuadernos Nº 2.


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