CFP: Musicology as Intersectional Praxis (CCD panel at AMS 2019)

2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the AMS’s Committee
on Cultural Diversity, and in a spirit of celebration and ongoing
collaboration, we invite proposals intended for a roundtable that will
develop strategies for applying intersectional treatments of race to new
directions in professional and social activism. We are interested in work
that examines the discipline of musicology, and the AMS itself, as embedded
in the tangled relations of power that structure social relations in late
modernity. We seek to engage two complementary forms of intersectional
thinking: (1) at the intersections of race with other forms of difference,
and (2) at the intersections of theory with practice. What potentialities
do our subjects—music, musicians, and listeners—and the
institutionalization of difference discourses in the Society and its
constituent institutions, afford to race-based activism that are unique
within academia? What would an intersectional approach offer to the
practice of public musicology? At this auspicious moment in the Society’s
history, how can we work toward a more inclusive and equitable discipline?

Abstracts of 150-200 words should be sent to Emily Wilbourne at
emily.wilbourne -at- by May 1, 2019.


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