Attention, scribes of the realm! There will be a Blank Borders competition
at Summer Coronation. That is still around 3 months out, but that leaves
you time to plan and create your entry.

Why blank borders? You can try out a new style, or if you've only done
preprints, it can be a stepping stone towards doing a commission. You get
to make original art, but without the deadline or pressure of doing an
original for a specific recipient.

Bring one or more blank borders. Populace vote will determine the winner.
First place gets their choice of a Coliro/Finetec gold palette or a packet
of pergamenata. If five or more individuals have entered, second place will
be awarded the other prize. (Encourage other scribes to enter!)
All entries will be donated to the Crown. Please make sure to sign your
entries on the back. Documentation is welcomed, but not required.
(Suggested documentation would be a printoff of your exemplar, or a brief
description of what your work is inspired by.)

Summer Coronation will be in the Shire of Lost Moor, at the same site as
Queen's Prize. The table for entries is planned to be on the bottom floor,
in what was the competition area at Queen's Prize.

In Service,

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

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