Greetings Good Gentles!

We are but 13 days from the next Crown Tournament. On this day, in addition
to finding the heirs of our fine Kingdom, there will be an Arts and Science
competition. The Theme is "Then and Now".  As we celebrate the 35
anniversary of our Kingdom, this competition is to recognize how we as a
kingdom and as individuals have grown.
We are looking for two items per person, an early example of your craft and
a more recent example.
For each item, please provide at least a 3x5 card of documentation.
Additionally, please provide at least a 3x5 card explaining how you've
improved in your research, skills, material, tools, periodness, and/or
technique between these two items.
Entrants will be separated in judging by award level (Novice/AOA, GOA,
Laurel) so don't worry about how long you've been doing your craft! There
will be prizes.

Please enter! Share your growth, improve the kingdom, show the newer
members we all started somewhere!   (If I can find it, I have my first
tunic....seersucker acetate table cloth--Hand sewn!)

If you have any questions, please contact myself or HL Rochwen.

Yours in Service,
Lady Amba allrasystir

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