Unto the Kingdom of Calontir does Baroness Slaine send greetings. 
At Crown Tourney on April 13th in the Barony of Three Rivers there will be a museum dedicated to the history of Calontir. Please bring historical artifacts, curiosities, and wonders which tell the story of Calontir  - freon can helmets, early AoA scrolls, event flyers from well-loved past events, etc.

Take a minute to write out what you know of the history of the item. (Ahead of time is great or I'll have note cards and pens available the day of.) Items that are larger such as furniture or banners please let know so that I can arrange the proper space. 

We learn so much about medieval history by way of material culture. What does the material culture of Calontir say about us? What have we learned? 

Yours in service, 

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