Hello scribes! 

I have the honor of serving as Their Highnesses', Anton and Yseult, Royal Scribe. We are currently working on pre-prints. TRHs have chosen 13th Century English/French manuscripts for their reign, so you can get ready to paint by looking at some period examples (I'll post some below).

For those wishing to help with original work (GoA's and PoA's) during the reign of Anton IV and Yseult, please fill out this form! This includes Calligraphers, Illuminators, and Text Composers. Even if you signed up in a previous reign please fill out the form so I can have the most up to date information. If this is the first time you have signed up to do original work, please send a picture of recent work you've done to [log in to unmask] .  
Form link: https://forms.gle/XEuxUitzimZkgRU89

Period examples for preprints: 

The 'de Brailes Hours'  
Alphonso Psalter 

Mistress Elynor of Glastonbury, OL


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