*Mag Mor* is providing demonstrations on Saturday, April 27th at the Cornhusker
Council of Scouts, BSA's The Big Idea

Volunteers, materials for use (tools, examples) and donations (project
supplies) are welcome/desired.  Contact skill coordinator for more details.

*Basket making* - *Cera Ruadhán* -  I have not been able to find any reeds
we can also use:  rafia, rope, twigs, anything that can be used to create
small baskets. Examples of handmade baskets and techniques - Coiling,
plaiting, twining and wicker.  A wide variety would be nice. I have one of
everything *except coiling* myself.

*Leatherwork* - *Vilhjàlmr Halftroll* - leather product, tools,  patterns,
designs, examples

*Textiles* - *Gyđa Glóra* - fabric, samples, thread, needles, fiber, drop

*Fighting* -* Volkmar Katzbalger* - loaner equipment, fighters, trainers,
water bearers, water containers

More information and a Volunteer Sign-up Sheet will be at the pre-demo
planning on April 24th.

Cera Ruadhan

Vivian Hancock,

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