Mag Mor is providing demonstrations on Saturday, April 27th at the Cornhusker Council of Scouts, BSA's The Big Idea

Volunteers, materials for use (tools, examples) and donations (project supplies) are welcome/desired.  Contact skill coordinator for more details.
Basket making - Cera Ruadhán -  I have not been able to find any reeds we can also use:  rafia, rope, twigs, anything that can be used to create small baskets. Examples of handmade baskets and techniques - Coiling, plaiting, twining and wicker.  A wide variety would be nice. I have one of everything except coiling myself.
Leatherwork - Vilhjàlmr Halftroll - leather product, tools,  patterns, designs, examples       
Textiles - Gyđa Glóra - fabric, samples, thread, needles, fiber, drop spinners
Fighting - Volkmar Katzbalger - loaner equipment, fighters, trainers, water bearers, water containers 
More information and a Volunteer Sign-up Sheet will be at the pre-demo planning on April 24th.

Cera Ruadhan

Vivian Hancock, 

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