Greetings Mag Mor!
Thank you all for coming out for Herd Master. It was a fabulous day for fighting! There were also many a&s activities, and lots of visiting and talking, and some wonderful, tasty foods at feast.
We had not one or two, but three courts. Connel was made Crodth Catha during our morning field court. During afternoon court Cira, Dragi & Mjađa, were made Cambroges, Kat & Oz were given Golden Feathers, Emma was made a Calf of Mag Mor(replacing Golden Apple), Chiara was awarded an Adharc Or, Zach was declared our new Herd Master by HE Cour d'Eunni who won the tourney but has other commitments, and Gwyneth was made Espiritu. In our feast court, Natalya and those participating in the a&s grab bag showed off their projects, Mariilda and Bathalomew were made Cambroges, incoming A&S Minister and Exchequer were announced, and Bartholomew was named Herd Driver.
Whew! I think that's all the awards we passed out... 
Thank you again for coming out and making the day such a great one!
Gyđa, Baroness of Mag Mor

Gyđa kennara glóra
Baroness of Mag Mor

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