Hi OC,

I haven't any company recommendations. We want also to turn some old 
video tape into digital.  I would look locally, maybe camera shops, if 
you live in a large city. In our very small area, Walgreens and Target 
offer to digitize video tapes, but I haven't tried them, and don't know 
what their resolution would be, either. That would be worth comparing 
with professional companies also.

I would think that asking for a digital format, would allow you to burn 
DVDs as well as store on hard drives.  That's my plan anyway.
I thought of trying their services on one unimportant video, before I 
trust them with my really important memories.  Then also to check the 

Good Luck,

Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 4/10/19 10:10 AM, olivia carlisle wrote:
> Good Evening Everyone,
> Looking for transcription service, old video tape, Blue Ray, 
> photographic prints, other visual media,…to DVD, whatever will last 
> for a long time! Thanks!
> C Olivia (“OC”) Carlisle
> Scientific Illustration, Photographic Fine Art, Graphic Design
> Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
> <>
> “Take Flight And Soar With Your Dreams”
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