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You wrote:


"very few of them [neoclassical economists?] really continue to work in their hard core, but tend to do research in the protective belt. So the core remains untouched, which of course is its characteristic, and thus can still be used in textbook writing, teaching and public bla-bla-ing."


This state of the art indicates that heterodox economics has a good chance to beat neoclassical economics by presenting a more plausible theoretical core than that taught in textbooks and schools.


Yes, sure (this said with 51% forecast and 49% hope).


As an old dictum says, it takes a theory to beat a theory. Talking about policies and political ideas is one thing, but theory building is another thing. We must pore much more efforts on building a truer and deep-sighted theory to profit this good chance.


Ok, too.


I tried to show in a 2017 JEI paper how far everyone who is doing complex modeling nowadays is in fact working on old “heterodox” (namely institutionalist) questions and theories. But yes, we need to work harder to expand in faculties …  (internalist view), and to change society to get more chances to present our theories (the externalist aspect).





PS: Yoshinori, re. real-world textbooks: Have a look at Elsner et al., The Microeconomics of Complex Economies. Evolutionary, Institutionalist, Neoclassical, and Complexity Perspectives, Elsevier/Academic Press 2015. (end of commercial break)