Quote to which I’m responding: “I believe if you decided to have distance vision, it would be difficult to get close-up lenses that would be useful for artwork.  I could be wrong and you might want to talk to your ophthalmologist about that.  You need to remember you will have zero depth of field correction with plastic lenses.”

Bruce, thank you! I’m looking ahead uneasily to the same surgery several years down the road, and this is the most valuable advice I’ve yet read. It also explains why I am currently so unhappy trying to work with reading glasses over my single-vision distance contacts. It’s much more satisfactory to wear distance glasses and just take them off. 

I am very nearsighted, and value my close-up “X-ray vision” immensely. I would be devastated to lose it. Recently I have been thinking that when the day comes, I want the lenses set for “X-ray vision” length (i.e., just as nearsighted as I am now, with all the benefits thereof). Your post makes me even more inclined toward that choice. Best wishes - Brie

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