Hi All -  Celebration!

ASCRL (American Society for Collective Rights Licensing) has done its first distribution to members!  I found that ASCRL (through the processing company that they use) deposited $453 into my bank account this morning.  This is a smashing success, and this distribution will be followed by many more.

I believe GNSI members who had already joined got between $250 - $550, depending on the number of illustrations they have in publications out there in the world.  A second illustration claim is already open.  It closes July 31, so now is a good time to get registered as an ACSRL member to be included in that and future claims.  

I hope many GNSI members take advantage of what will likely be a modest income stream for us for many year.  So much of what we do is out there in the world, in text books, children's book and on the web especially, and is referred to and copied academically, etc. to countless times.  These non-title specific royalty moneys coming from the various countries on the plant are an acknowledge of the contribution our illustrations make to world culture and dissemination of knowledge. (Please forgive me that philosophical digression). 

Here is the URL to join:

It's a Happy Day!


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