Thanks for the additions.


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Ollie has a few (that I know of) aquatic beetles named for him. He and Paul Spangler waded the same streams in South America many times…in Hydrophilidae there is Anticura flinti Spangler 1979 and Cylorygmus flintispangleri Moroni 1985. In Elmidae, Hexanchorus flintorum Maier 2013, named for Ollie and wife Carol.  Collections are rich with his material in many orders…probably other patronyms out there??  Keep the river flowing…






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Thanks to Floyd and Ed for sending the info on Ollie Flint.  Indeed, Ollie will be greatly missed by many of us.


We cannot overlook his very significant contributions to Neuropteridan systematics. He had a magnificent eye for spotting unusual and interesting specimens, and he was generous in sharing them. He also provided IDs and encouragement for many researchers, colleagues, students, and postdocs. He was a joy to work with.


Below are Neuropteridan taxa named for him (from the Lacewing Digital Library).





Coniopterigidae:  Flinoconis Sziráki, 2007





1.       Coniopteryx flinti Meinander, 1975 (Coniopterygidae)

2.       Spinomegalomus flinti Nakahara, 1965 (Hemerobiidae)

3.       Nipponeurorthus flinti U. Aspöck & H. Aspöck, 2008 (Nevrorthidae)

4.       Semidalis flinti Meinander, 1972 (Coniopterygidae)

5.       Tytomyia flinti Tjeder & Hansson, 1992 (Ascalaphidae)

6.       Vieira flinti Sosa & C. Tauber, 2017 (Chrysopidae)




1.       Corydalus flinti Contreras-Ramos, 1998 (Corydalidae)

2.       Protohermes flinti S.-y. Liu et al., 2007 (Corydalidae)



Best wishes,



Catherine A. Tauber


Cornell University & University of California, Davis



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Thanks for sending this out to the group.


Ollie Flint was a giant in aquatic entomology. His studies in Trichoptera are legendary. He collected on a worldwide basis, contributing specimens all many orders of aquatic insects (probably other insects too) to the USNM--many were used as types for new species honoring him. Here some genera and species named for him :


Plecoptera (Plecoptera Species File)

  1. Acroneuria flinti Stark & Gaufin, 1976
  2. Alfonsoperla flinti McLellan & Zwick, 2007
  3. Anacroneuria flinti Stark & Sivec, 1998
  4. Enderleina flinti Stark, 1989
  5. Gripopteryx flinti Froehlich, 1993
  6. Macrogynoplax flinti Stark, 1996
  7. Megaleuctra flinti Baumann, 1973
  8. Neoperla flinti Sivec, 1984
  9. Tupiperla flinti Froehlich, 2002


Trichoptera (Trichoptera World Checklist)

  1. Hydropsyche flinti H Malicky & P Chantaramongkol, 2000
  2. Arcyphysa flinti A Wells & A Neboiss, 2018
  3. Nectopsyche flinti J Olah & J Olah Jr, 2017
  4. Oecetis flinty FB Quinteiro & RW Holzenthal, 2017
  5. Madagocerum flinti KA Johanson & J Olah, 2009
  6. Paduniella flinti KA Johanson & J Olah, 2010
  7. Flintiella EB Angrisano, 1995 (15 species)
  8. Wormaldia flinti FJ Munoz-Quesada & RW Holzenthal, 2015
  9. Smicridea flinti JLD Albino, AM Pes, & N Hamada, 2011
  10. Itauara flinti DR Robertson & RW Holzenthal, 2011
  11. Agapetus flinti DA Etnier, CR Parker, & JT Baxter Jr, 2010
  12. Rhyacopsyche flinti AM Wasmund & RW Holzenthal, 2007
  13. Osflintia AR Calor & RW Holzenthal, 2008 (1 species)
  14. Mecynostomella flinti KA Johanson, 2003
  15. Alterosa flinti RJ Blahnik, 2005
  16. Alisotrichia flintiana L Botosaneanu, 1977
  17. Ochrotrichia flintiana K Kumanski, 1987
  18. Atopsyche flinti JL Sykora, 1991
  19. Rhyacophila flinti F Schmid, 1970
  20. Goerita flinti CR Parker, 1999
  21. Helicopsyche flinti KA Johanson, 1999
  22. Costatrichia flinti RW Holzenthal & SC Harris, 1999
  23. Mortoniella flinti J Sykora, 1999
  24. Phylloicus flinti AL Prather, 2003
  25. Marilia flinti J Bueno-Soria & A Rojas-Ascencio, 2004
  26. Dipseudopsis flinti JS Weaver and H Malicky, 1994
  27. Homoplectra flinti JS Weaver, 1985
  28. Cheumatopsyche flinti AE Gordon, 1974 (syn. of Cheumatopsyche comis SW Arnold & CR Arnold, 1961
  29. Psychomyia flinti F Schmid, 1997
  30. Chimarra flinti J Bueno-Soria, 1985
  31. Chimarrhodella flinti RJ Blahnik & RW Holzenthal, 1992
  32. Amphoropsyche flinti RW Holzenthal, 1985
  33. Atanatolica flinti RW Holzenthal, 1988
  34. Lepidostoma flinti JB Wallace & FF Sherberger, 1972
  35. Hydroptila flinti J Bueno-Soria, 1984


Ephemeroptera (searched Mayfly Central (North America including Mexico and Central America) and Catalogue of Life)

  1. Allenhyphes flinti (Allen, 1973)


Catalogue of Life turned up some Diptera and Megaloptera names that might be named for Ollie, but I don't have time to figure that out right now.


Best wishes,


Ed DeWalt


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Subject: Ollie Flint


ECN Colleagues,


It is my sad duty to report that we learned this morning that longtime colleague, emeritus curator of aquatic insects, and dear friend, Dr. Ollie Flint passed away over the weekend after a prolonged period of gradually declining health.  We ask you to please respect the family's privacy at this time.  We will pass along details in a formal announcement as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding as we mourn the loss of one of our own.  





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