Naxos Musicology International: new online journal launches 2019

Call for contributions (ongoing)

Naxos Musicology International, the latest in a series of projects by the
well-known record label, is a new online platform for music scholarship in
the broadest interdisciplinary sense. Much like a traditional journal, the
platform seeks to promote and extend musicological work on a range of
repertoires and scholarly approaches. In addition, we aim to engage with
emerging trends in the music industry, exploring intersections between
modes of listening, consumption and criticism (the so-called 'attention
economy'), and ongoing technological developments.

At this early stage, we are issuing a call for three types of written
• Articles: original research on any aspect of music, between 5,000 and
8,000 words (including footnotes).
• Syllabi: annotated lists of literature (between five and eight texts,
including at least one recent publication) on a related theme.
• Opinion pieces: up to 3,000 words (preferably no footnotes) on given
topics announced in advance. Topics for the first edition are: 1) The
Future of Listening; 2) Ritual Musical Spaces for the 21st Century.

We welcome submissions – from scholars, students and music practitioners of
all kinds – on an ongoing basis. Material can be illustrated with musical
examples from the Naxos Music Library and will be read and peer-reviewed by
the Editorial Board and, when necessary, external experts.

Our aim is to promote strong voices, informed critique and engaging writing
in an approachable style that speaks across social, cultural and
institutional barriers.

For further details, see 

Electronic submissions (in Word format) should be sent to nmi -at-

Editor-in-Chief: Davinia Caddy (davinia.caddy -at-
Editorial Board: Zachary Bernstein, Gurminder Bhogal, Andrea Bohlman, Ross
Cole, Sam Dorf, Kate Guthrie, Deirdre Loughridge, Anicia Timberlake, Gavin
Williams and Emily Zazulia.


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