I'm doing better; the news turns out to be somewhat less traumatic than first thought.

My sister (I've told you about her, the one who can't really talk any more) was committed that morning into an Alzheimer's-care facility.  The one my mother died in, to be exact.  Her behavior had changed so much in the previous 24 hours that her husband could no longer manage her unaided.  We were told she would likely be there the rest of her life.  She's 64.  (Mom died aged *84*.)

Just got the news yesterday that the behavior change seems to have been a side-effect of a new medication.  They've changed it now, and she is returning to normal.  (Well, Barb-normal.)  She will be able to go home in a couple of weeks.

Hugely relieved.
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Hey Girl,  How ya doing now?  I just got back from K.C. Wednesday late and am trying to catch up now.  If you need anything, call me!!!

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I will not be at meeting; I have had some upsetting family news and can't cope with anything right now.

If you have something for the Runestaff (I'd love some anecdotes from Lilies), I'd like to work on it this weekend.


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