Our chapter (the Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists), after considerable research and advice from various ASBA, Filoli and NYBG contacts, ended up purchasing a system which included a projector and a camera: the Epson Pro EX9220 1090p + WUXGA HDMI MHL 3LCD projector (~750.00 via Amazon) and the Lumen DC192 Ladibug High-Definition Document Camera (565.00). We haven't purchased a screen yet, as the venue where we have our workshops has a workable white board, but if needed, that would be an additional cost. I've used it both as workshop instructor and participant, and so far we've been very happy with it--easy to set up and use, and much easier for everyone to see the "action" up at the demo table than when we were all clustered around the instructor! 
Kathy McKeehen 

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Hi All, 

The NC Botanical Garden is looking into buying some type of projection system that will allow the instructor to paint or draw and the students be able to watch from their seats. Right now the students are all crowding around the table and watching us work upside down. 

I have seen places use a giant suspended mirror. I believe that Marj used something at the conference in Wisconsin for her Perspective class, but I have no idea what it was called and I am sure there have been some technological advances since then. 

Any ideas out there? 


Hope you all have a grand time in Australia! 

Patricia Savage 


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