Dear All,

Just a little advice and some options to keep you awake during Saturday.
Most flights from the USA arrive in the early morning.
Shuttles don't go to the University of Queensland's St Lucia campus. You can use the train and then bus or taxi or Uber, as described on the conference website.
You'll be very glad of a shower but it's recommended that you don't go to bed straight away. Stay up till early evening if you can.
You will receive a 3-day Go Card for unlimited public transport travel when you register. The main use for that will be transport to and from the Monday night Exhibit launch at Queensland Museum. People who need them for field trips will receive new ones later on. So, if you won’t use public transport on Tuesday and Wednesday (you probably won’t have time anyway) feel free to use it on Saturday and even Sunday. A bus will take you straight to Toowong, or you can take a City Cat and get off at Toowong, to walk up to Toowong Shopping Centre. You could even travel up and down the river on the City Cat, visiting New Farm Park or the city. The old City Botanical Gardens, QUT Art Gallery, The Cube, Old Government House and the Cultural Centre are all within easy walks of the relevant City Cat ferry stops.  
One lot of buses goes from the University Lakes Station. Number 66 goes into town, or the Cultural Centre, which adjoins South Bank Parklands. The other lot goes from Chancellor's Place, the road in the middle of the purple area on the map. They generally go to Toowong.
Use this to plan your journey.
On buses and ferries it is essential to tap on AND off to make the Go Card work properly and not charge you, or more probably us, extra. 

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