Hi Gail!
No, I didn't think of using airdrop, since I've not tried it. I'm glad 
it worked for you.

I've got the photos uploaded through Image Capture this morning, 
easy-peasy without a hitch (as it should be). They are the full res and 
file size that they should be.
I have trashed all the "Photos" conversions. I will not do further 
testing to see if dragging or importing makes a difference in Photos. I 
have no patience with that program.
I am moving on to now processing the 4000 photos from the trip.
More coffee, please.


Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 7/16/19 8:43 AM, Gail Guth wrote:
> i am certainly no expert at all, but have your tried AirDrop from your 
> iPhone to the computer? You have to do it in packets, don't try to 
> move them all at once, but it went fast for us here. I moved all of my 
> pix from my Photos app to Bob's computer in just a few minutes, and we 
> did iPhone to laptop in Oz with slower WiFi.
> Gail

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