Hi Clara!
Since I shoot both RAW and JPEG, I prefer to upload them directly to my 
hard drive using Image Capture into labeled folders on my hard drive, 
and then are also saved in Time Machine backups. I apply tags  in Adobe 
Bridge. I re-lable them according to job usage and species.
I have bought the Adobe Creative Suite for years and like Bridge for 
searching and metadata.

I manipulate the photos in Photoshop. I save the adjusted file along 
with the original file, depending on the potential for future usage in 
another format (from Fbook to visitor center murals). I always keep the 
original files as is.

I'm pretty much tied into Photoshop, althoooooo..... there were some 
really cool technique demos for other products.  Very tempting..... but 
since I have to purchase Photoshop Suite anyway, I'll stick to it until 
I don't need to any more.

My long-term thinking is that other software can manipulate RAW and JPEG 
files, so If I archive them on the hard drive, not in "Photos", then it 
might be easier to try new products, if I ever leave Adobe products.

I'd love to learn about the new products. I admit I stick to the 
old-school, without time to experiment with some of these really cool 
alternatives. Other members may have favorites and I hope they chime in 
also, maybe on another thread?? Might be a good article for "Ripped from 
the List" in the GNSI Journal?

Thanks for bringing this up, Clara.
Best cheer,

Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615
On 7/16/19 1:25 PM, [log in to unmask] wrote:
> So Linda,
> If you eschew Photos — what do you prefer?
> -Clara
> who doesn’t like Photos but isn’t willing to be beholden to Adobe 
> forever, although I probably will be.

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