Hi David and all,

The 3 entries need to have individual ISBN numbers, so they need to be in different publications.  No specific time frame, as many of us have work in the scientific literature, text books, field guides, etc. that are reference books and copied academically for years.  Glad you are going to get registered! 


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Subject: Re: How to make a royalty claim - IMPORTANT


Do the 3 published illustration to qualify have to be published in any particular time frame? Can they be from the same publication?

Thank you for working on this and for letting us know!

David Fierstein

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Hi all -

Quick reminder -  Sign up and join the American Society for Collective Rights Licensing, Inc. (ASCRL), a not-for-profit collective management organization (CMO) before July 31 to receive money from the second $50,000 distribution.  This distribution money is again non-title specific and is from the Visual Copyright Society in Sweden (BUS).  If you have at least 3 published illustrations, you are entitled to be a claiment.  It takes a little work, but is not difficult to sign up on the web site.  Dozens of GNSI members joined ASCRL before teh first distribution and received money ($220-550), deposited directly into their bank accounts.  

ASCRL was founded originally by a group of photographers and illustrators in 2017, to collect overseas royalties and distribute them to its members (visual art authors and rights owners). Their mission as a non-profit is to provide illustrators and photographers with an ongoing revenue stream from reprographic funds. Rights owners (and this means all of us as the creators, even if we have sold away our copyrights in the US) join ASCRL and become eligible to receive the reprographic funds.  This should work out to be a small but continuous income stream for many of us illustrators!  I am looking forward to getting a second deposit!
I have joined ASCRL's Advisory Board and am involved in making practical recommendations of how to figure fair distributions to individual illustrators.  In March, ASCRL had $316,742 to distribute to American Illustrators, and more coming under already signed agreements.  THAT'S a lot of $$$$.  By the end of August the money will have gone out on the second illustration claim and a third one should open in the fall.  All published illustrators are eligible for all of these.  As ASCRL becomes more established, as more illustratos join,  there will be a steady stream of royalty funds, every year from many more foreign societies.   SIGN UP on the web site.  

If you have trouble with the web site, please call me and I'll help.  Join here. 

IMPORTANT!  If you were on the first claim, you DO need to log in and simply hit the "submit" button again on the open claim, to be included in this second distribution of funds.


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