Hi Lynette,
I'm using OS 10.14.6 right now, and my Microsoft Office products (2011) still open but are buggy and slow. I'm in the gradual process of switching over to Apple's versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint because I don't want to keep upgrading the Office products and I've never loved them anyway. I don't worry about Adobe products because, with a monthly subscription, I have automatic access to upgrades. I'm not really sure what you mean about Adobe wanting to "control" the Mac, so I don't how helpful this is!
Best of luck,
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Hi all,

I’m feeling it’s time to upgrade my OS, which is 10.12.6 Sierra. I can upgrade to High Sierra or bite the bullet and go for Mojave. My software on this computer is pretty standard overall, with Word (Version 16.16.12, 2018) and Photoshop (subscription, CC 2018) being my most useful. I remember some comments a few months back about Adobe and PowerPoint (I think it was) wanted to “control” the computer after an upgrade to Mojave. I wonder what you all think about this now and what your suggestion to me will be?

Thanks, in advance.


Lynette Cook

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