Thanks Olivia!


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Thank You Geoff! From what I saw of the live streams…you and your staff of volunteers organized a fantastic conference…especially your producing clips for us “across the pond” Enjoyed all of the photographs…that Hybiscus bug was gorgeous! Best,


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Dear All,

                 Many of you were blown away by Les Walkling’s talks at the pre-conference photography symposium, as I knew you would be. 😊 The looks on some of your faces were priceless.

He has now put up the file of 3DLUT creator, an amazing new colour application that blew my mind too.


“The easiest resource link to include in your conference app or to otherwise send to those who attended the Photography Symposium is my Theory of Practice page. 




It includes my 3DLUT Creator Introduction paper which seems to be the most helpful for those initially exploring 3DLUT Creator and a link to  of my 3DLUT Creator Teaser Movie on our YouTube Channel.”







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