Thanks Gretchen,

I’m so glad you and almost everyone I spoke to, OS visitors and Aussies, loved it. All the non-member presenters said what a great bunch you all were too.

I look forward to seeing images of the sketch-in!

I’m also glad you weren’t eaten, though I knew the odds were fairly low that would happen.

I knew you were all such wonderful group of highly skilled, friendly, generous people and it’s meant the world to me to have you all come to our country for a fabulous meeting on the other side of the world; a side with surprising similarities as well as wonders.




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Thank you, Geoff Thompson, and every one who participated in making this a wonderful experience! Thanks to all the organizers, the presenters and workshop leaders, everyone who came to the lectures and workshops, special events, the fabulous dining staff, etc etc. 


I loved everything about the conference and my extra weeks in Queensland. One highlight of conference week was a spontaneous evening sketch-in. Having the dining room open to us all hours, dorm rooms close by, and an intimate feel to the college, and conference itself, allowed this to happen. I’ll post a few pictures on my Facebook page this week. 


Thank you, Geoff et al. 


With gratitude (and appreciation I wasn’t swallowed by a salt-water croc),


Gretchen <> <> 



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