After 35 years of Artsy people telling me I should get a MAC, it seems
heartless to tell you to get a PC...
How do you guys live with yourselves... This feels terrible...

Just Joking.... I am joking here... I hope you get the problem solved...

Ron Ruff
The TALLER Twin 3D Labs

On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 5:42 PM Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi All:
> I am downloading my conference photos from my iPhone to my desktop. I use
> "Image Capture" with a hardwire USB cable. About half way through the 600
> photos, it froze.
> After four tech support folks, trying to get the rest to download, the
> final tech person suggested I turn OFF iCloud syncing, and pull them to my
> computer from Photos application. all the photos were there, and I clicked
> and dragged the half that I was missing.
> Apparently they were already uploaded to Photos application on my desktop
> computer because ICloud was turned on on both my iPhone and the desktop.
> Now, I've been told that Photos reduces the sizes of all images to small
> JPEGS. That would be horrible because I want the highest resolution that
> the photos were originally taken. So, that's why I use Image Capture. I
> want them on my computer, not the Photos, nor the Cloud, or anywhere else
> but my computer in a designated file.
> Now I CAN upload the photos from my iPhone to Image Capture, because it is
> not incumbered by ICloud. NOW I notice that the images for both JPEGS and
> .MOV, are smaller once they were dragged and dropped to my computer from
> Photos application. The tech folks said they would not be reduced, that
> Apple had fixed that, or changed that, etc.  I had something clicked with a
> blue check mark to "keep originals" the same size.
> Now a 30.5MB .MOV file from Image Capture is shown as a 18.3MB  .mov file
> when I drag it from Photos.
> A JPEG file at 9.3MB  from Image Capture is shown as a 6.2MB file when
> dragged from Photos. Photoshop says they are the same size and ppi.
> So any other ideas on why they are reduced coming through Photos?  What
> gives?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Linda
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