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Hi Everyone! 


I need some help with a project.  What's the project?  My project is learning how to unsubscribe from this listserv! 


Please don't say to just scroll to the bottom of anyone's post and click on the link that says:

Need to leave or subscribe to the Sciart-L listserv? Follow the instructions at

***This does not work! *** 

Moreover when I originally asked for help with this problem I received the following message:


Your  message is  being returned  to you  unprocessed because  it looks  like a LISTSERV command, rather than material intended for distribution to the members of the SCIART-L list. Please note that LISTSERV commands must always be sent to the LISTSERV address. If it was indeed a command you were attempting to issue, then send it again to [log in to unmask] for execution.  Otherwise, please accept  our apologies  and try  to rewrite the  message with  a slightly different wording - for instance, change the first word of the message, enclose it  in quotation  marks, insert  a  line of  dashes  at the  beginning of  your message, etc.



I don’t know how to instruct the [log in to unmask] to unsubscribe me, or even how to obtain a menu of commands from the LISTSERV!

The following is my original message: 

Could someone let me know how to unsubscribe from this list? 


Oh yes, you may say it’s easy - simply scroll to the bottom of any newsletter and you’ll see the statement:

Need to leave or subscribe to the Sciart-L listserv? Follow the instructions at

Wouldn’t it be nice if that worked!  It’s a broken link.  When I click on it I get the following: 


404 - Component not found

You may not be able to visit this page because of:

1.      an out-of-date bookmark/favourite

2.      a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site

3.      mistyped address

4.      you have no access to this page

5.      The requested resource was not found.

6.      An error has occurred while processing your request.

Please try one of the following pages:

If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site.

Component not found

Attempting to follow the instructions I then went to the Home Page.  After some looking I finally found a link to “Contact Us under the “About Us” menu item at the top of the page.  However amazingly the only way to contact anyone is by entering your username and password – but I nor Elizabeth is a member. 

There was another way which was to enter my email and click a button that said “Subscribe” but I want to UNSUBSCRIBE not subscribe!  I didn’t click the link because I didn’t want to compound my problems, especially since the email I now use is not the one that I may have used to originally sign up (I don’t want to get double emails)! 

Would someone be so kind as to email a link, fix the broken link, or let me know some way to unsubscribe from the Sci-Art Listserv? 

Thank you,  J 
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(For Elizabeth Smith [log in to unmask] )




Need to leave or subscribe to the Sciart-L listserv? Follow the instructions at